Archived News

September Plant Tour

posted Sept 11, 2017

Location: Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital
9401 86 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Date: Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Time: 6:30 PM
Parking: Please use the main parking lot (map below)

Hello everyone, we are back from summer vacation and ready for another school year. For the September tour, we will be visiting the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital and mechanical area. This building was completed in 2012 and replaced the former Fort Saskatchewan Health Centre. This modern facility includes a cafeteria as well as a child health clinic and respiratory rehabilitation.

Anyone with interest is welcome to attend, including students and nonmembers. RSVP please if you are planning to attend as the space is limited to 16 Visitors. Also for security and you are getting used to this by now, we will be sending a list of visitors’ names to the hospital supervisor.

We look forward to seeing you all again in just less than two weeks’ time!

New Updates to Pressure Vessel Regulations in Alberta

posted July 2017

This is to advise that the following Information Bulletin and The Pressure News are issued:

  1. IB17-010 Alert - Notice of Deregistration

    Information Bulletin No. IB17-010 June 28, 2017 ALERT Notice of Deregistration The design of ¾” hose assemblies under CRN 0D15253.2 has been deregistered
  2. The Pressure News, June 2017

    The Pressure News Page 3 Volume 22, Issue 2, June 2017 WAKE UP AND LEARN MICRO-SEMINARS ABSA is excited to announce that our first micro-seminar, “Wake Up and Learn ...

ABSA Information Bulletins

posted June 2017

We recently received a memo from the Alberta Boilers Safety Association which lists several updates to the pressure vessel regulations for Alberta.

It can be helpful for power engineers to read and understand the clear language presented when regulations are updated or clarified. These updates and clarification can be good learning for both engineers working in the field and also students studying at home so please take a moment to view these documents from ABSA.

Information Bulletins

The new information bulletins have mostly been updated to align with current referenced documents. There are no changes that impact on program delivery.

IB03-008 Rev.2 included some interpretations that are no longer needed because the Power Engineers Regulation has been amended to provide the clarification.

  1. IB17-005 (Replaces IB11-007)

    Interpretation -PESR Subsection 6(a)(ii), ASME CSD-1 Controls and Safety Devices for Automatically Fired Boilers
  2. IB17-006 (Replaces IB05-007)

    Interpretation - PER Subsections 4(3)(b) and 4(4), Heating Plant Supervision
  3. B17-007 (Replaces IB11-001)

    Interpretation - PER Subsections 16.1(1)(b)(i),(ii); and 17.1(1)(b)(i),(ii) - Qualifying Experience for Power Engineers
  4. IB17-008 (Replaces Interpretation 6 in IB03-008 Rev.2)

    Interpretation - PER Subsection 2(2)(a), Exemption for Power Plants with aggregate capacity not exceeding 0.085 m3
  5. IB17-009 (Replaces Interpretation 2 in IB03-008 Rev.2)

    Interpretation - PER Subsections 16.1(1)(b)(i), 17.1(1)(b)(i) and 18.1(1)(b)(i), Qualifying Experience for Certificate of Competency Candidates