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Latest News & Events

November Branch Meeting and Guest Speaker

posted Nov 4, 2019

Location: NAIT Main Campus, Building C, (Room TBA)
10828 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Date: Tuesday, November 19, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM
Parking: $5 NAIT Student Parking Lot C, 10828 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
PPE : None required

This month we have a special guest visiting. They are preparing a special presentation for us, talking about industrial compression. Many of us are familiar with air compressors used around the shop or in home renovations or perhaps you have seen large electric units used for instrument air supply in a plant. What’s interesting about industrial compression is there can be almost no limit to how large or powerful some of these units can get. We will look at some examples and learn a bit about what makes them tick.

In addition, we will be holding a general meeting to discuss branch business and there is lots to talk about this month. On the table will be membership awards, recognizing outstanding members of the branch, as well as branch committee nominations for the coming year, and an update from the IPE Ontario Chief Power Engineers Education Conference held recently in Toronto.

Anyone with interest is welcome to attend, including students and non-members. Please let me know with a short email if you plan to attend.

October Heating Plant Tour and General Branch Meeting

posted Oct 4, 2019

Location: Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital
9401 86 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

Date: Tuesday, October 15, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM
Parking: Please use the main parking lot
Admission: Admission is $10 per person
PPE : Safety glasses and ear plugs are required

Hello everyone, we are back from summer vacation and ready for another school year. For October, we will be visiting the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital and mechanical area. This building was completed in 2012 and replaced the former Fort Saskatchewan Health Centre. This modern facility includes high voltage air handling and modular steam generation as well as a cafeteria, child health clinic and respiratory rehabilitation.

Anyone with interest is welcome to attend, including students. RSVP please if you are planning to attend as the space is limited to 16 visitors. Also for security and you are getting used to this by now, we will be sending a list of visitors’ names to the hospital supervisor.

We look forward to seeing you all again Tuesday October 15th.

Genesee Unit 2 to Celebrate 30 Years of Reliable Service

posted Sept 2019

In October 2019, Genesee Unit 2 (G2), the first of three coal-fired units at the Genesee Generating Station, will celebrate 30 years of producing reliable electricity for Albertans. As it was known back then, Edmonton Power first proposed to construct a coal plant in the Genesee area in 1977 and the project was approved by the regulator in 1980.

Construction began in 1982 and by 1984 the powerhouse was completed before construction ceased later that same year due to regulatory constraints, which would delay the completion of the project for 18 months. At peak construction, approximately 800 workers were involved in the $880-million project. Originally scheduled to begin operations in 1987, the 430 MW G2 unit officially began producing power for the grid on October 1, 1989 and continues to supply an important source of baseload power to Alberta.

During a planned maintenance outage in 2020, G2 will receive a new Low-Pressure Rotor to further improve the unit’s efficiency as part of the GPS program. The benefits of this upgrade will carry forward as the unit is proposed to be modified to enable operation with 100% natural gas and allow G2 to continue operating past the legislated phase out of emissions from coalfired generation by 2030. Genesee currently uses both gas and coal (“co-fire”) up to 250 megawatts (MW) and has used natural gas as a supplement to coal since 2017.

Genesee Unit 2. Photo and article courtesy of Capital Power.

Heritage Steam Events – Summer 2019

posted July 2019

Our friends at the Heritage Boilers Association of Alberta (HBAA) have shared with us a bit of what’s on their radar for July and August. More info and events are posted on their website at www.hbaa.ca

Summer Steam Events

July 13-14: Pioneer Acres in Irricana

Training event. Their Case 65 will be operating and available for training or building hours. To come out for training or building hours, you must sign up with Pioneer Acres. Send an email to info@pioneeracres.ab.ca (no phone calls, please).

July 13-14: Alberta Prairie Railway in Big Valley

Alberta Prairie Railway will be hosting its annual Live Steam Show.

August 9-11: Pioneer Acres in Irricana

Pioneer Acres Annual Show. All boilers operating with some opportunity for practical experience, but their show is a very busy time.

Please take the opportunity to attend one of these events if you are interested.

June Special Tour

posted June, 2019

Location: Alberta Railway Museum
24215 34 Street NW, Edmonton

Date: Saturday, June 22, 2019
Time: 11:00am
Parking: Parking on site
Admission: Admission is $10 per person
PPE : None required.

We are pleased to announce a second event for June and have arranged a special guided tour at the Alberta Railway Museum. Please join us on Saturday, June 22 to learn more about Alberta’s industrial history. There are two large steam locomotives on site, one in excellent condition and another which is being restored.

The Alberta Railway Museum is operated by the Alberta Pioneer Railway Association and is a rustic outdoor display of railway equipment and buildings. The museum replicates a small terminal with station, water tank and shops. The main emphasis is on cars and locomotives from the Canadian National Railways and Northern Alberta Railways.

Members, students and non-members are welcome to attend. RSVP please if you are able to attend as we are looking at a minimum group size of 10 visitors.

June Family BBQ

posted June 3, 2019

Location: William Hawrelak Park, Picnic Site #1
9330 Groat Road NW, Edmonton, AB

Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2019
Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM

So, for June we have a couple events we’d like to host before everyone goes away for their summer vacations. Coming up in two weeks we have our annual family BBQ, Tuesday, June the 11th, 5:30pm at Hawrelak Park Site #1. Please bring your family out for some great company and conversation. This year we are honored to be sponsored again by our friend, the Barb-e-Que Doctor, Mr. Ed Hnytka.

Thanks again to Mr. Ed Hnytka, PE for hosting this event again this year as it’s always enjoyable to watch him setup all his barbeques and put something different in each one.

Please dress for all four seasons as outdoor events in June can be exciting. Also consider bringing a donation for the Edmonton Food Bank.

Please let me know with a short reply to this email if you plan to attend and how many are coming with you.

Edmonton Branch Meeting

posted May 10, 2019

Location: NAIT Main Campus, Building C, Room C-111
10828 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB

Date: Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM

Parking: $5 NAIT Student Parking Lot C, 10828 118 Avenue, Edmonton, AB
PPE required: None required

This month we will be hosting a branch meeting at NAIT and opening some time to the continuing education discussion. We will go over the branch news and then have some conversation about what continuing education means for power engineers in Alberta which has been an interesting topic at recent meetings.

Please join us for some good company and discussion surrounding where we see this side of the profession headed in the coming year. There will be different perspectives to hear from members of the group which is always interesting.

For our NAIT meetings, anyone with interest is welcome to attend and coffee and snacks will be provided. Please let me know with a short email if you plan to attend the branch meeting Tuesday May the 21st.

We are also looking forward to two more events before we break for summer holidays. June 11th is a Tuesday and our annual family barbeque will be in the afternoon at Hawrelak Park. Then also in June we will have a special tour on Saturday June 22nd and will be paying a visit to the Alberta Railroad Museum.

April Meeting and Plant Tour

posted April 7, 2019

Location: Royal Alberta Museum
9810 103a Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB, T5J 0G2

Date: Tuesday, April 16, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM

Directions: The new Royal Alberta Museum is located at 9810 103a Ave NW. Access from the north via 97 Street or from the south by way of Jasper Avenue and 97st. Please note the museum has moved and is several blocks east of the previous location.

Parking: Public parking is available in close proximity to the Royal Alberta Museum. The museum is also located near transit and includes pedway access via the Churchill LRT station. It is recommended to consider your travel plan prior to the event.

PPE: Safety glasses, hearing protection and long shirts and pants are required for this tour.

Hello everyone, well we have some exciting plans to share with you for this month. We have been invited to visit the brand new Royal Alberta Museum downtown and have a guided tour of their heating and cooling plant. We will have a branch meeting to talk about what’s new and upcoming for the IPE Edmonton branch followed by a tour of the museum mechanical area.

The Royal Alberta Museum rests on Treaty Six territory and the homeland of the Métis. We look forward to seeing the inside of this beautiful new facility and also the opportunity to have a rare look inside the utility and mechanical area.

RSVP please if you are able to attend as the group size is limited. Members and student members are welcome to attend. If your classmates haven’t completed their student membership, please let me know and we can work on that together.

March Building Tour

posted March 9, 2019

Location: Gateway Mechanical Services
14605 118 Avenue, Edmonton

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2019
Time: 6:30 PM

For our March tour we are looking forward to visiting Gateway Mechanical Services.

Gateway Refrigeration was founded in Edmonton in 1968 and recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. The founders had a vision to legitimize the refrigeration trade and provide a personal level of service to their customers. Now with a fleet of over 250 vehicles, Gateway Mechanical Services is a leader in the commercial and industrial air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry.

Members and student members are invited to join us for this tour. RSVP please if you are interested as the group is limited to 16 visitors. Coffee and snacks will be provided.

January Branch Meeting Postponed

posted January 15, 2019

December Dinner Party

updated December 5, 2018

October Special Tour

posted October 24, 2018

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